How Long Does a NetSuite Implementation Take?

When considering an ERP system like NetSuite for your business, one of the most pressing questions is: how long will it take to implement? The answer, fortunately, is often more encouraging than expected. NetSuite implementations can be performed quickly, with some clients going live in as little as four months. However, the timeline can vary depending on several factors. This blog post will explore the key considerations and provide insights into a typical implementation timeline to help Finance Directors and CEOs make informed decisions.



Speedy Implementations: The SuiteSuccess Approach

NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess methodology is designed for rapid deployment. It’s a no-frills, streamlined implementation process that focuses on getting businesses live quickly and efficiently. However, it’s essential to understand that while SuiteSuccess can expedite the go-live date, it might come with trade-offs. Quick implementations may lead to less thorough preparation, potentially resulting in post-go-live challenges. These issues can be resolved, but it’s crucial to weigh the risks and benefits carefully.

Key Questions to Assess Your Readiness

To determine if your business can go live with NetSuite within five months, consider the following questions:


  1. What Is My Appetite for Risk?

Evaluate your tolerance for risk, particularly regarding your month-end close processes. If a botched month-end would have significant repercussions, such as financial reporting to the market, you might want to spend more time preparing for go-live. A cautious approach can help mitigate potential pitfalls.


  1. How Tight Is Your Reporting Timeline?

If your business requires early month-end reporting, ensure you have ample preparation to meet these targets with NetSuite. Rushed implementations may jeopardize your ability to report accurately and promptly, especially in the initial months.


  1. How Complicated Is Your Business?

Assess the complexity of your business operations. Some key factors for example:

  • The number of countries you operate in
  • The diversity of revenue streams and products
  • The intricacy of client contracts

Complex businesses typically require more extensive planning and customization, potentially extending the implementation timeline.


  1. What Ledger Are You Moving From?

What ledger are you moving from? If you are migrating from Xero, Quickbooks or something similar it is likely that you have some manual processes involving less risk and a less demanding month-end timeline.


  1. Is much data cleansing required?

We always recommend that clients consider their data migration and the quality of source data in some detail before embarking on a NetSuite implementation. If your data needs some cleansing before moving to NetSuite this will slow it down.


  1. What Is Your Budget?

SuiteSuccess offers a cost-effective and expedited path to going live on NetSuite. However, be prepared for potential post-go-live expenses to address any issues that arise. Balancing speed and cost is crucial for a successful implementation.



Depending on your answers to the questions outlined above, it’s entirely possible to go live with NetSuite in five months. However, careful consideration and planning are essential to ensure a smooth transition. While a quick implementation like SuiteSuccess can save time and costs, it’s important to recognize and address potential post-go-live issues proactively. Here is a sample timeline for your information.

If you would like to discuss your specific NetSuite implementation timeline or any other elements of your ERP journey, feel free to get in touch with us for a free conversation. Our team is here to help you navigate the complexities of ERP implementation and achieve a successful go-live.