What is an ERP?

In simple terms an ERP is a collection of software applications sitting onto of a database all accessed through user interfaces. ERP are central enterprise systems and provide a wide range of functionality to users at all levels of the business. What a business will use an ERP for depends on the type of data processed and stored in the system. If for example, your business stores inventory information in the database it can use inventory management applications that will allow finance and procure teams to maintain optimal stock levels, respond to surges in demand, set pricing and much more.

Most ERP solutions offer the following applications:


Financials encompass standard accounting functionality including ledgers, banks recs, payment processing etc.


Procurement applications help a business to manage its purchasing lifecycle.


Supply Chain Management connects parties in a supply chain to improve speed and responsiveness.


Inventory / Warehouse Management facilitating stock management.


Human Capital Management facilitates HR processes and gives your HR team ready access to HR data.


Enterprise Performance Management is used by larger organisations for advanced budgeting forecasting and reporting functionality.

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