We operate across all industries but have particular speciality in:


Technology businesses are fast paced environments often undergoing rapid growth and organisational change. From early-stage tech businesses with bootstrapped processes to mid stage PE backed tech companies on an acquisition trail, we are able to help. Some of the recurring challenges we come across working with technology businesses include:


Revenue processes -Revenue recognition can be complicated with SAAS revenue streams and this needs to be given due consideration when designing OTC processes.


CRM Integrations – To gain efficiencies from your ERP and integration with your CRM is likely going to be required.


Scalability – An investment in an ERP and surrounding stack is an investment in the capability of your business to grow and expand in the future.


Media covers a broad range of activities, from buying ads to making ads, from digital panners to out of home media companies wear many hats and are involved in many different activities. From MediaOcean to Paprika there are a lot of ERP systems and software tools created bespoke for the specific challenges that media companies face, but are these the best solution for your business?

Some key media business features can include:


Fast paced and high-volume activities can make keeping up with processing challenging making good processes essential


There is a lot of project-based work making project management, costing and recovery all essential


Creative industries like to be creative and not count beans meaning getting buy-in is key



Retail is a highly competitive price and promotion industry making speed of response crucial. Speed of response requires accurate pricing data, comprehensive stock systems and potentially integrated supplier data. We have experience of working with some of the largest retail businesses helping them to overcome these issues.

Property / Construction

Construction is a very project intensive, labour and material-based industry.  Closely managing these spend elements along with project timeframes is key to successful outcomes across this industry. Some key elements that need to be considered when selecting an ERP include:


Moving from preconstruction to execution


Project Management


Workforce Management


Procurement and pricing

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