Utilising NetSuite’s Saved Searches to Streamline Work Processes

In today’s competitive business world, efficiency and automation will make all the difference. One powerful tool that users can leverage when optimising NetSuite is the ability to schedule email reminders through its robust Saved Search functionality. This feature not only centralises essential data but also triggers timely notifications to keep teams on track, manage cash flow, uphold customer relations, and more.


Customising Email Reminders with NetSuite Saved Searches



NetSuite Saved Searches Empower users to set up complex queries to filter, or narrow down, dataset based on specific criteria. These searches can then be scheduled to run at predefined intervals or used to trigger other actions such as sending email alerts.



  • Cash Flow Management and Collections: For businesses struggling with cash collection, NetSuite’s saved searches can become a lifeline. You can create searches to identify overdue invoices and automatically trigger reminder emails to customers. These reminders can be sent at strategic intervals, significantly improving cash flow without the need for manual intervention.
  • Billing and Invoicing Automation: Sales orders fulfilled but left unbilled can lead to revenue leakages. By setting up saved searches to identify such orders, and coupling them with email reminders to the finance team, businesses ensure that no billable transactions are overlooked. This not only improves revenue visibility but also aids in maintaining accurate financial statements.
  • Administrative Alerts and Notifications: NetSuite’s saved searches go beyond financial transactions. They can also be used to monitor changes in employee records, such as promotions, terminations, or updates to personal information, that are vital for payroll and HR functions. Automated email notifications can be scheduled to relevant personnel to ensure prompt action is taken when needed.
  • Employee Engagement: Beyond operational use cases, saved searches can also support your organizational culture. For example, using saved searches to trigger birthday reminders and send automated birthday greetings to employees fosters a positive work environment.



Best Practices for Implementing NetSuite Saved Searches and Email Alerts



  • Understand Your Needs: Before leaping into utilizing saved searches for email reminders, take time to identify your primary pain points and the tasks that can be streamlined through automation.
  • Start Simple: Begin with straightforward use cases to get a feel for how saved searches and email alerts work. As you get comfortable, gradually build more complex queries and workflows.
  • Test and Iterate: Always test your email reminders workflows before deploying them at scale. Solicit feedback from your team and incorporate improvements to ensure that the alerts are informative and actionable.
  • Leverage Support from Experts: NetSuite has a vast user community. If you’re stuck or need inspiration for how to best use saved searches, explore forums or seek advice from a NetSuite solution provider.



Unlocking the Full Potential of Your NetSuite Platform



NetSuite saved searches and email reminders offer a wealth of possibilities for businesses to increase productivity, improve financial health, and maintain operational excellence. By mastering these features, you’re not only automating tasks but creating a more efficient, informed organization. As you explore the capabilities of NetSuite’s saved searches, the key remains to tailor your approach to meet your specific business needs, unlocking the full potential of the platform.

If you want any help setting up email reminders with saved searches in NetSuite then please get in touch below to speak to a consultant.


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